Message from American Tapestry Alliance

Dear fellow tapestry artist,

Please forgive the form letter. I am writing to ask for your assistance in a new project I’m working on. I have begun a blog about promoting and marketing tapestry in a professional manner. It is being hosted by the American Tapestry Alliance.

The goal of the blog is to have one place where tapestry artists can go to access information related to marketing and promoting their work.  One of the subjects I will be writing about is pricing, an issue for many. With the help of Christine Laffer and Mary Lane, a questionnaire has been created. I would be very grateful if you would take the time to fill out the questionnaire with as much detail as you are able. Your answers will be used anonymously, unless you would prefer to be quoted. Please let me know your preference.

As thanks for your participation, an online sales gallery will be created that you are invited to participate in. At the bottom of the questionnaire you will be given the opportunity to upload one photo with appropriate information including price and your contact info.

Click here to access the questionnaire.

Click here to see the blog.

Thank you for your time and effort.