Museum of Surrey – “Nature’s Clothesline”, a collection of mindful textiles

The exhibit showcases six renowned textile artists, including:

  • Roxanne Charles
  • Sola Fiedler
  • Barbara Heller
  • Sharon Kallis
  • Ruth Scheuing
  • Amy Walker Works by the Peace Arch Weavers and Spinners Guild (PAWS) and objects from Native Shoes and Trans-Continental Textiles will also be featured.

    The Symbolism

    “Nature’s Clothesline” is the symbolic clotheslines of the world that draws a parallel between the idea of textile as a precious handmade item, and the commercial reality of textiles as a mass-produced disposable commodity.  How people use and discard textiles matters to the world we live in. Our clothing choices have a real consequence to the health of the planet.


    A clothesline is at once extremely private, and unavoidably public. Textiles reflect our similarities and differences as people. A clothesline was once a uniting theme of home life.  It held the common yet personal items that touched each family member: blankets, sheets, shirts, pants, baby clothes, socks, and even the most intimate garments. Hanging the wash kept people in contact with each item of clothing and its value. Our connection to the clothes we wear has faded.

    The world is airing its dirty laundry, not on a clothesline, but in the landfills and oceans. We can no longer go along ignoring the repercussions of fast fashion and mass production.  Textiles that were once a precious handmade item are now a mass-produced disposable commodity.  How people use and discard textiles matters to the world we live in. Our clothing choices have real consequences to the health of the planet.  From hand made to machine trade, and cotton to couture, today most textiles are abundant and transient.

    Nature’s Clothesline unites a group of textile artists to share ideas of sustainability along a symbolic clothesline. Nature’s Clothesline invites us to…    Re-think, Re-create, Respond, Recycle and Rejoice

  • a link to the virtual tour.