Celebrating Tapestry, the Canadian Tapestry Network is a volunteer not-for-profit organization dedicated to communication among its members, fellow tapestry weavers, with the documentation, promotion and advertising of individuals, activities and events related to woven tapestry.

We all love it when you write to us and send us photos of your work. As a CTN member, you can advertise free of charge. As a non-member, you can advertise for $15.00/issue

To join the Canadian Tapestry Network, (CTN), and receive a newsletter 2 – 3 times/year, please send a cheque for:

$20 for 1 year (US$20), or
$35 (US $35) for 2 years,
or $8 per year for the electronic version to: Barbara Heller 5787 Newton Wynd, Vancouver BC, V6T 1H6, Canada.
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