The International Tapestry Triennial, the oldest and the most important presentation of phenomena connected with the medium of textiles, in 2019 will take place for the 16th time. It’s a good moment to refresh the format and to give the forthcoming Triennial an open character. It will allow us to get a closer look at textiles in a broader context. The previous system, proven and fully functional in a period of lesser freedom of information flow, was fully justified. The principle assuming work of commissioners from different countries, who recommended artists fit to participate in the event, was dictated by the specifics of that time and significantly facilitated the accomplishment of subsequent editions of the Triennial. However, in the era of full freedom and ease of information circulation we want to get in touch directly with artists expressing the desire to take part in the feast of textiles, which will take part next year in Łódź.

In relation to that, we invite all the authors that every day express themselves by means of textiles or that would like to square off against this matter that is demanding, yet offers an incredibly broad alphabet of means of expression. Until now, the condition for the work to be allowed in the competition was to use the basic element of the structure of textiles, i.e. interlacing. We want to broaden that definition. We will also present works that allude to this medium in their layer of significance. In the broad formal spectrum, there will be place for photographs, videos and other forms of expression. All the terms and conditions of participation are included in the Regulations.

Another essential change is that for the first time we want to focus the whole presentation of the Triennial around the key topic; for the next Triennial this topic is “Breaching Borders.” This topic includes many problems of the modern world, which redefine the meaning of the identity of our civilization, ethnic groups, social groups or each of us individually. In the era of accumulation of ever-changing variables, almost all the time we are forced to move the borders of our understanding of reality or to delineate them, say, in the matter of dignity or the sense of personal security. Do we, as a civilization, aim at a world without borders? It seems that borders have a pejorative meaning and their crossing is an expression of freedom. They repeatedly proved to be the source of conflict between those who delineated and maintained them on the one hand, and those who wanted to cross them on the other. Therefore, maintaining the integrity of borders or bringing them down shows itself as an enormous civilizational problem, which is mirrored in political, social, cultural, scientific and religious matters, in problems that afflict each of us personally. Which finally finds its expression in art. Artistic textiles have experienced it in a notable way. Over half a century ago, authors had to break the rules that the centuries imposed on textiles in order to admit it as one of the liberated arts. Out of this conflict, outstanding works of art were born, works that shifted the borders of how we perceive art. Today, after many years of a peculiar crisis of textiles, it is being reborn, integrating itself even more closely with other fields, and thereby blurring the borders that divide them. We believe that the next International Tapestry Triennial will bring an interesting and important commentary to these phenomena, of which we are both witnesses and participants.



Great news from Canadian Tapestry Centre


Ixchel Suarez at Canadian Tapestry Centre:

“I would like to thank the American Tapestry Alliance for being selected as a recipient for the Weaving The Future Grant.

This grant is designed to support weaving opportunities for children and to provide training in tapestry weaving to teachers and others who will, in turn, teach weaving to children.

As a weaver and an educator, I feel the responsibility to pass on and share my knowledge to other educators, in order to reach out Community at large of this wonderful, almost “lost” art: TAPESTRY.

Thank you ATA for this opportunity. Will share photos soon.”

Congratulations Ixchel Suarez and Canadian Tapestry Center in Oakville, Ontario! 

Submit a Paper & Register for Textiles Close Up in Montreal

Textiles Close Up — From Ancient to Avant-Garde: Textiles in Montreal

September 28 & 29, 2017, Montreal, QC

Join us for a survey of historic textiles collections and contemporary textile-making in Montreal, Canada. This 2-day Textiles Close Up will provide access to a wide range of collections and institutions, all led by expert curators, researchers and artists. Your visit will include:

  • Montreal Museum of Fine Arts with a behind-the-scenes viewing of Ancient Andean weavings
  • Concordia University for an afternoon exploring the exciting textile work in the Textiles and Materiality Research Cluster at this innovative school.
  • The McCord Museum with a special viewing of First Nation’s textiles
  • Musée de la Mode for a behind-the-scenes viewing of textiles for fashion.
  • Lunch at a cafe in Montreal’s historic district

Registration opens for members on August 7th, and for nonmembers on August 14th. 

Read More & Register

Scholarships Available for Textiles Close Up

Deadline: AUGUST 28th

One full fee waiver scholarship for From Ancient to Avant-Garde: Textiles in Montreal is available to Textile Society members who would otherwise be unable to attend. TSA supports emerging artists and professionals. Please apply or encourage your students to apply.

Students are eligible for reduced membership and program admission rates. Other benefits of membership include access to our network of members, access to opportunities and events calendars, and discounts on select textiles journals.


Call for Submissions: 2018 Symposium

Submissions Open for the seven categories of presentation.

Deadline is September 15, 2017 for: Individual Paper Abstracts, Organized Sessions, Roundtable and Panel Discussion, Film/Digital Media entries, Posters, and NEW Warp Speed Presentations

Deadline is April 1, 2018 for Members’ Exhibition of small works exploring the theme: Social Fabric – Deep Local/Pan Global, measuring 8”x10”

All entries must be submitted on-line.

The theme of TSA’s 16th Biennial Symposium is The Social Fabric: Deep Local to Pan Global. The 2018 Textile Society of America Symposium will take place in Vancouver, BC, Canada, at the Sheraton Wall Centre, September 19 – 23, 2018

. Located on the Pacific Rim, Vancouver offers a pertinent setting to probe the impact and influence of settlers and immigration on an already long-inhabited land, and how textile traditions have been influenced, changed, and/or adapted through and by cultural contact. In 2014 Vancouver city council unanimously voted to acknowledge that the city is on un-ceded Aboriginal territory, creating fertile ground for this conversation.

Do you have questions? Please contact Caroline Hayes Charuk, Membership Associate, or any member of the Board of Directors for assistance.

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CCF/FCMA: The Perfect Pairing: Annual Conference & Biennial Symposium


 The Perfect Pairing: Annual Conference & Biennial Symposium

CCF/FCMA Annual Conference & The Canadian Craft Biennial Symposium

The CCF/FCMA Annual Conference: Intersections & Interconnexions, and The Canadian Craft Biennial Conference: Can Craft? Craft Can! are two events that seek to address the state of Canadian Craft through diverse, yet complimentary channels of discourse. The CCF/FCMA Conference is a 2-day event dedicated to collaborative work within the craft administrative sector. The Biennial includes an array of events, such as exhibitions, workshops, and an international symposium with over 40 speakers on innovative ideas and practices in craft. By attending both events, you are sure to gain a holistic understanding of how craft impacts Canadian Society and beyond. The CCF/FCMA Annual Conference and the Canadian Craft Biennial are a perfect pairing, and we encourage you to attend both events!

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Intersections & Interconnexions : September 13th & 14th

CCF/FCMA Annual Conference

The CCF/FCMA’s 12th Annual Conference is a two-day event dedicated to craft sector collaboration. On September 13th, we’ll report on CCF/FCMA activity, and host open discussions on topics of interest to all Canadian craft sector workers on Research, Exhibitions, Advocacy and Marketing. On September 14th, join us for guest speakers Charles Smith of Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario, who will discuss Pluralism, Equity and Diversity, and José Niaison of the Canada Council for the Arts, who will speak on the Council’s New Funding Model and how organizations can work within it. Two panel discussions will also explore ‘Reaching the Public Through Collaboration’ and ‘Increasing Value in Membership Through Collaboration’. For a full itinerary of events, please click here!

Join us for a single day, or both, to expand your knowledge and build stronger connections within the national craft network. Intersections & Interconnexions will give delegates the tools and know-how to allow to bring a better understanding and appreciation of craft to their community. Find out more and register today!

Inaugural Canadian Craft Biennial: September 15th & 16th

Canadian Craft Biennial Symposium
Aligning with Canada’s 150th anniversary, the Biennial will serve as a spotlight to celebrate and educate the public and craft professionals alike about the importance that Craft plays in our everyday lives. The biennial will provide historical contextualization of Canadian craft practice and offer critical insight into its future. A collaborative effort between the Art Gallery of Burlington and Craft Ontario, the Canadian Craft Biennial Symposium seeks to get at the heart of the question: “What and Who is ‘Canadian Craft’?” It is sure to spark groundbreaking and innovating discussion about the significance of craft in Canada’s cultural past, present and future. Based in Burlington on the 14th and in Toronto on the 15th, the central themes include: craft education, the future of fusing traditional and contemporary/digital practices, the relationship between craft and the environment, craft professionalism, identity, and more. The excellent lineup of 44 speakers will fascinate and inspire. Register today!
Be sure to follow the Canadian Craft Biennial Symposium on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for future updates!

Anton Reijnders: Biennial Keynote Speaker & Workshop

Anton Reijnders, Symposium Keynote Speaker
Anton Reijnders is a world-renowned Dutch ceramist. He has been featured in many international exhibitions and has been a speaker at conferences around the world. Anton is a significant contributor to the founding of the European Ceramic Work Centre, an international incubator organization for artists to explore ceramic art. His work will be featured in the Canadian Craft Biennial’s International Exhibition at the Art Gallery of Burlington from Sept. 9 to Oct. 29, 2017. In addition to keynote delivery and exhibition, Anton will be hosting a ceramic workshop.

Biennial Residencies: Makers & Writers

Art Gallery of Burlington

For ten days, six makers and six writers/scholars from a range of material disciplines will discuss and create work in a creative national incubator.  During this residency at the Art Gallery of Burlington, makers will provide innovative and exciting possibilities for moving the conversation outside academic discourse and encourage public engagement with issues of tradition and innovation, vernacular and global, hand-made and high-tech. Administered by Studio magazine, the writers residency will engage in the discussion to explore new ideas and challenge current craft discourse. The output from these residencies will be sure to delight!

Video: Inaugural Canadian Craft Biennial

subgraphicsThe Canadian Craft Biennial was established to increase the nationwide presence of craft. In organizing this 10-week celebration, the Art Gallery of Burlington and Craft Ontario seek to strengthen the craft dialogue, encompassing the entire country. The two-day Biennial Symposium events will be divided between the Art Gallery of Burlington and the OCADU Campus. This year’s event is comprised of lectures from Canadian and International artists and scholars, all revolving around craft. View video clip here.

Important Reminders!

Book Your Hotel Now!

DEADLINE: August 14th, 2017

Traveling for the event? You’re not alone! Delegates from every province and territory are expected to attend. Accommodations for conference delegates are available at the Holiday Inn Burlington Hotel & Conference Centre at a special rate of $109/night.


Book by Phone: 1-888-987-4443 or Online: Click here

Registration: Canadian Craft Biennial Symposium, Can Craft? Craft Can!

DEADLINE: September 1st, 2017

Be sure to register for the Biennial Symposium! The Biennial will be held September 15–16th, 2017 at the Art Gallery of Burlington and at OCADU Campus. Regular registration is $250 CAD. Please note that members of: CCF/FCMA, Craft Ontario, and the Art Gallery of Burlington receive admission discounts! Click here for details.

Registration: CCF/FCMA Annual Conference, Intersections & Interconnexions

DEADLINE: September 1st, 2017

Register today for the CCF/FCMA Annual Conference! Rates start at $100 for CCF/FCMA Members and $200 for Non-Members. The conference will be held September 13–14th, 2017 at the Art Gallery of Burlington. Click here for details.

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Entry Deadline: October 15, 2018. This is not a postmark deadline. Entries must be received by this date.


If you enjoy weaving in a small format, ATA invites you to enter your work for Small Tapestry International 6: Beyond the Edge. Tapestries must not exceed 100 square inches (625 square centimeters) and cannot exceed 20 inches (50 cm) in any one dimension, though their edges can be as asymmetrical or as whimsical as you dare.

Learn more about STI 6 on our website: https://americantapestryalliance.org/exhibitions/small-tapesty-international/small-tapestry-international-6-beyond-edge/small-tapestry-international-6-entry-form/


Petition against the closure of the textile museum in Lyon

I just signed the petition “NON À LA FERMETURE DU MUSÉE DES TISSUS DE LYON” and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

Our goal is to reach 150,000 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:


Christopher Allworth, CTN member

Kate Derum Award

A non-acquisitive award of $5,000 AUD

A non-acquisitive award of $1,000 AUD
(for artists in the first five years of their professional practice)

Entries open: Monday 1 May 2017
Entries close: Sunday 4 June 2017 

Exhibition opening and award announcement: Tuesday 8 August 2017 6 – 8 pm 2017
Exhibition runs: Wednesday 9 August – Friday 29 September 2017

Visit HERE for entry conditions. The online entry form will open on 1 May 2017.


Emeritus Prof Kay Lawrence AM
Emeritus Professor, School of Art, Architecture & Design, University of South Australia
Board of Directors, Australian Tapestry Workshop
Tapestry weaver

Dr Kevin Murray
Adjunct Professor, RMIT University
Research Fellow, University of Melbourne
Craft writer and curator

Dr Rebecca Coates
Director, Shepparton Art Gallery
Lecturer of Art History, University of Melbourne
Curator and writer

Exhibition to be held at the Australian Tapestry Workshop
262-266 Park Street, South Melbourne, VIC 3205